With so many of us out of work right now, Kevin and I, will be doing anything and everything that we can, to create jobs for people in our industry. We have been slowly diversifying our job descriptions to fit other needs that will benefit from our vast amount of people with so much experience in our industry.

I have been in the oilfield since 1979 and have been thru every high and low in our industry since. My #1 goal thru these hard times was to take care of my family first. I took whatever jobs I had to. Instead of doom and gloom, I would think positive; being thankful that it was not a severe or fatal health issue, with my family. If your head isn’t there, how can you direct you and your family’s future?

So send your resumes to dolphinpros@aol.com Please be 100% accurate and verifiable. Complete names and contact info for all past work. Let’s see what we can find.


Dolphin is now in Hawaii

Dolphin is now in Hawaii

Dolphin is looking for 5 Right-of-Way Agents for work in Hawaii. Must have 10 years minimum experience in right-of-way, title research and lease negotiations. Must be self-motivated. Experience in GIS mapping is a plus.  Prefer current residents of Hawaii or California. Send your resumes to dolphinpros@aol.com. All work listed on resumes, must be 100% accurate and verifiable. This is not a paid vacation and you are expected to work 6 days a week, FULL TIME. We pay top day rates. We are reimbursing for Airline tickets, once every 6 weeks, (coach fare), car rental, food and hotel stay, (no B&B’s, RV’s or Rental homes).

Now Hiring Experienced Landmen for 2014

Dolphin is assembling several teams, for work in the Eagle Ford, Kline, Bakken and the Marcellus, for work starting in the first 2 quarters of 2014. We are looking for Landmen, Attorneys, Geologists and GIS/Digital Mappers. Please send resumes to dolphinpros@aol.com . I am looking for people with 7+ years of documented experience. Please make sure that your resumes are complete with your experience, dates, names and phone numbers of your past Brokers and or Companies that you did work for. Please add in your cover letter, what areas you are or not willing to work. All resumes will be verified, before you will be considered. Any incomplete resumes will not be accepted. The teams that will be assembled, will be Top Tier Professionals. Members of the AAPL and AAPG are highly encouraged.

Professional Petroleum Landmen: Offices – Services – jobs

Colorado, the rockies oil and gas

Now HIRING qualified Landmen in Texas and New Mexico

Hiring Qualified Landmen Bakken and Eagle Ford

HIRING qualified Petroleum Landmen.

Landmen job openings in Eagle Ford Shale, Texas & New Mexico.

If you are an experienced Petroleum Landman with 8 years exp. and ready to work in these areas, send us your resume.

What it’s like working for Dolphin Resources LLC: Petroleum Landmen recommendations

Expanding further with new offices

Colorado-Wyoming-Montana-landmenDolphin Resources LLC is excited to announce the opening of their Denver, Colorado office, to help support the Oil & Gas development needs, of the Mid-West and Bakken.

Midwest Regional Office
600 17th Street, Suite 2800
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 260-6454
(832) 630-2404

Wyoming, Montana, Pennsylvania & Colorado Professional Petroleum Landmen and Attorneys needed

I am assembling a crew of experienced Landmen, to start on a project at the beginning of 2012. I am looking for Landmen and Attorneys that currently live in Wyoming, Montana, Pennsylvania & Colorado. Landmen will be working in the Courthouse in Tract books. Please see our career’s page for sending resume instructions.

Chris Kowalis
Dolphin Resources LLC

More Dolphin Resources LLC  job openings

Dolphin Resources LLC

We provide the following professional values.

  • Determining ownership in minerals through the research of public and private records

  • Reviewing the status of title, curing title defects and otherwise reducing title risk associated with ownership in minerals

  • Managing rights and/or obligations derived from ownership of interests in minerals

  • Unitizing Leasing and/or Pooling of interests in minerals

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